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The 150 acres of Atlan feature a variety of terrain, microclimates, flora & fauna. Situated near the White Salmon River, the land is home to Buck Creek & Mill Creek. The removal of the 100 year old Condit Dam in 2011, has promised the return of spawning salmon to these creeks again. Heavily forested, the majority of land is made up of fir, cedar, maple, alder and willow. Atlan's south facing ridge is graced with gnarly old oaks clinging to the steep slopes, forming a special Oak Savannah. Black bear, cougar, bobcat, deer and skunk have been sited. Grouse, turkeys, owls and many beautiful birds are part of the rich eco-system.

The Lands of Atlan include several gathering places linked by a network of forested trails: Sursurita (Song of the River) is the area along Buck Creek that is home to the Community Garden, Medicine Wheel and Cob oven. Forest Camp hosts a seasonal outdoor Kitchen, the Forest Yurt, an outdoor yoga classroom and nooks for sleeping on the earth. The Sky temple and Nest at Cedar Grove are meditation havens. The Artifactory and Co:Laboratory are places of Visioning and Creation. The Kin:Nectar is our home base for sleeping and nourishment until a Community house is built on the Land.

The Artifactory is a 5000sq ft multi-use "makers space" that houses artisans in wood working, metal working, ceramics and other creations. The upstairs is a design studio named the Co:Laboratory. This is the place which will support the building of the Village.

Art is an important part of everything at Atlan. It is in our vision to include artfulness in all that we do. Atlan is a community of many designers, craftspeople and artists who utilize a variety of modalities and mediums in our work and play. The Artifactory is our creative facility that includes a ceramic studio in its early phase of set up. During 2015, this space hosted many art centric events, including CultureSeed workshops: The Artist's Journey and Circles to Creativity. Art is a way of life that is ever unfolding; creativity is a currency for sharing our highest ideas and ideals.

In 2013, the idea of creating a community gathering place and garden at Sur Surita came to fruition. With its open, southern exposure, this land provided an ideal sun drenched canvas to start with. Work parties came together to remove scotch broom, build up garden beds, and construct a movable greenhouse. Each year, more love and toil go into this evolving piece of land. Here, we are happy to join together to grow food and friendships.

This 33ft stone circle was our first crafted gathering place that emerged out of a field of scotch broom. The wheel came to life over Spring Equinox 2015. It has evolved into a beautiful circular garden of colorful flowers, medicinal and culinary herbs that melds healing traditions. The wheel is aligned with the four directions and has an elemental altar in each quadrant with stones marking the 8 auspicious days within the year cycle. Each year we hope to cultivate bounty and learning opportunities and refine the uses and sharing of medicinal traditions.

Atlan was honored to host Nature Dreamweaver in leading a Nest-making workshop over the Fall Equinox of 2014. NESTs (New Earth Sacred Temples) are made with the natural bounty of the land, coupled with an alchemical creative process that is prayerful and practical. Atlan community worked hard for 4 days accumulating downed forest material, siting the nest, building the backbone, decorating and altar making. On the Equinox, we gathered on the soft cedar floor and held a ceremony with Yaima who serenaded the energies of the nest with their acoustic instruments and song, greeting the balancing point of Summer giving way to Fall.

Since 2013, much community energy has gone into the garden at Sur Surita. During our annual Atlan Village Building Convergence, in 2015, CultureSeed hosted a workshop to teach cob techniques. Several people dedicated the entire 3 days to creating the oven, while others were woven into the process, helping to integrate the earthen mixture with strong arms and dancing feet. Working together on a common goal was joyful. All involved shared precious time molding earth into a life-giving form. Set beneath a beautiful timber-framed roof, the oven has become a gathering place to eat together around its warming hearth.

November 7th, 2015, it was a crisp autumn morning. The vegetables were ripe and ready, the skies were heavy with promise of rain, and the gardeners gathered to celebrate a season of friendship and bounty. It was a magical morning of harvest that was done just in time for the rains to roll in. We quickly assembled under the new beautiful timber framed roof, warmed our fingers by the hearth of the cob oven and began to prepare garden fresh pizzas. This was a beautiful time for us all to enjoy hot veggie soup, crisp green salad and (as each one came out of the oven) piping hot pizzas a plenty! What a wonderful day it was ♥

We’ve observed five years of seasons on this land and much has changed through the efforts and love of many hands. Building a Village takes a coherent dream, dedication and patience.