Here are some frequently asked questions. 

– Where is Atlan?

– How did Atlan Start?

– How did Atlan get it’s name?

– I would like to learn more about Atlan and upcoming events?

– May I just stop by Atlan for a visit?

– Can you a share a map of the land, directions, more info for my stay and a liability waiver with me?

– May I bring my pet with me to Atlan?

– Who lives at Atlan?

– How is Atlan structured?

– Is Atlan a commune?

– How does one become a member of Atlan?

– Interested in hosting an event at Atlan? 

– Don’t see your question answered here?


Q: Where is Atlan?

A: Atlan community has landed on 151 acres plus neighboring residences just north of White Salmon, Washington. We are nestled within the Northwestern “Lake” community.  The land has beautiful southern slopes with year round streams. It hosts stands of second growth Douglas fir, riparian transition zones, and oak savannah, providing a rich variety of flora and fauna and a place to grow our vibrant future! Check out the “Local” tab to learn more about local highlights in the Columbia Gorge.


Q: How did Atlan Start?

A: In 2007, Atlan emerged from spontaneous conversations about the need and passion for creating conscious land based community. A group of 7 founding members came together through meetings and celebrations and our resonance and dedication to the process continued to evolve. After a thorough search to find land that would host our vision, we found our home in the scenic Columbia Gorge in the winter of 2009.  ATLAN LLC (Atlan Living Learning Center) was formally created in August 2010. 


Q: How did Atlan get it’s name?

A: The name Atlan emerged through wordplay and inspiration from these concepts: At land, At last, Atlas, Atlantis.  With further musing we noticed that the suffix —lan is utilized in naming lands in Mesoamerican cultures.  The name was also inspired by fables about the ‘House of Atlan’ carrying forth valuable teachings for the evolution of humanity in these times.  It is our intention, that over time, our emerging community will have the opportunity to imbue this name with further depth and meaning.


Q: I would like to learn more about Atlan and upcoming events?

A: Please fill out the form on our contact page for more information and to join the mailing list here! Check out our newsletters as we host quarterly visitor days and our Community calendar.


Q: May I just stop by Atlan for a visit?

A: As we do not yet have a welcome/ visitor center, we prefer that you RSVP for events ahead if you can (see newsletter links). During warmer months, you may stop into the community garden during pod hours to lend a hand. See our online calendar for details. There may also be the opportunity to join us for a visit at another time ~ please contact us ahead of time via phone or email.  


Q: Can you a share a map of the land, directions, more info for my stay and a liability waiver with me?

A: Yes, if you let us know you are coming for an upcoming event or visit, we will send you more details such as these. (Please remind us if you don’t receive them.)


Q: May I bring my pet with me to Atlan?

A: Pets are invited onsite for day-use only on leashes or contained. No overnight pets please. These furry friends also may carry poison oak oils on their bodies and tend to frighten away the wildlife. Please, no dogs inside of buildings.


Q: Who lives at Atlan?

A: The vision of Atlan as a land based Village is forming, slow and steady. There are not yet homesteads on the main acreage of Atlan, however, the first community home “the House of Atlan” will break ground in 2017. Some Atlan members reside in tiny homes, a large community cabin (“the Kin:nectar Cabin”), neighboring cabins along the white salmon watershed, and some continue to commute back to other homes during this time of transitioning fully to the Land. Our vision of living includes forest residences for many families and individuals to live, work and play in collaboration and harmony with the Land and one another.


Q: How is Atlan structured?

A: This question continues to be refined as we gain clarity on the evolving organizational structure of Atlan.
So far there are three distinct aspects of our larger community and vision that have been coming into form over the past several years ~ they are:

Atlan, LLC: There are currently 6 Equity Members within the LLC who have been working on the project since it’s founding stages in 2007 or have joined after a year long provisional membership period. This group steers the implementation and management of the land and it’s projects. There are about 25 Kin Members of Atlan who are actively participating in the Atlan community through Pods, Councils and other gatherings and projects. Dynamic governance, Operating Agreements, and the culture of proposals are utilized for decision making and project planning. Atlan LLC functions to support the needs of the emerging community and the educational non-profit, CultureSeed.

 The Atlan Community: Atlan Kin members along with other local and network allies participate at Atlan in a myriad of ways with their presence, enthusiasm and dedication to collaboration. Community Agreements are a foundation for the culture we hope to create. 

CultureSeed: CultureSeed is a 501c3 non profit organization with a home base at Atlan. Its mission is to inspire and support thriving global communities through experiential education and transformational events. They offer learning opportunities that cover many aspects of life, often neglected by institutional education, through developing a framework of evolving values that embody a new emergent culture. CultureSeed programs also  include community sharing and joyful celebration. CultureSeed’s vision is to sow seeds in present and future generations that empower people to live happy, meaningful lives. For more information, visit cultureseed.orgThe community garden is an excellent example of the fruits of this community collaboration. 


Q: Is Atlan a commune?

A: Atlan is a collective of individuals with a common desire to live cooperatively on Land with an emphasis on experiential education and creative culture. We are re-inhabiting the Village ~ the notion of living in right relation with the land and each other; sharing resources, food, knowledge and fun. We live artfully, creating beautiful spaces for our togetherness. Yet we are not centered around any specific spiritual practice. We all weave in our unique offerings into the tapestry of community.


Q: How does one become a member of Atlan?

A: If you are interested in learning more about Atlan and how to participate, we recommend introducing yourself to the community and land starting through our contact page here! We welcome you to get involved in work parties and other community events, pod participation and gatherings. If you are regularly engaging, you may apply to become a Kin Member. 

At this time we are working toward the process and format of buy-in for Equity and Residential membership at Atlan. Those questions are still being refined in the development of a whole-systems-design (Master and Organizational) plan. Becoming a kin member is the first step. We  have a thought provoking questionnaire that we created for prospective members that delves into what you are looking for in community if you want to share more with us!


Q: Interested in hosting an event at Atlan? 

You may view our photo gallery to see our facilities. Please contact us to see if your event may a good fit to be hosted through CultureSeed or as a private gathering. 


Q: Don’t see your question answered here?

A: We have been so busy doing and making that we have to catch up on our web presence…  We are striving to bring greater clarity for how folks may participate here.  If you’d like to learn more, please sign up for our newsletter (~10/year).  You may also send an email inquiry to atlandesign@gmail.com as a way to get in touch and learn more about us and what we’re up to!