Atlan is a living and learning village dedicated to the artful co-creation of healthy living systems celebrating the connectedness and diversity of all Life.


Atlan provides sanctuary for the creation of sustainable culture through the holistic integration of healing, art, and design. Our village demonstrates permaculture and regenerative principles while engaging a network of resonant communities.


Atlan “Kin” members along with other local and network allies participate at Atlan in a myriad of ways with their presence, enthusiasm and dedication to collaboration. Community Agreements are a foundation for the culture we hope to create.


Atlan community has landed on 151 acres plus neighboring residences just north of White Salmon, Washington. We are nestled within the Northwestern “Lake” community.  The land has beautiful southern slopes with year round streams. It hosts stands of second growth Douglas fir, riparian transition zones, and oak savannah, providing a rich variety of flora and fauna and a place to grow our vibrant future!