September 2015

Atlan Center
* Autumn Equinox: Join us this next Saturday Sept 19th in the Garden at 9am followed by an early lunch and a ceremony of gratitude to welcome the coming of Fall.  Sunday we will continue the co:creation of the Forest Labyrinth and then make a pilgrimage to the Klickitat river to see the Salmon spawning migration. Meet at the Artifactory Sunday at 10am for the pilgrimage to the Labyrinth.  Pack a lunch. Contact La,, if you’d like to meet for the river trip.
*Yoga Spirit Teacher Training: The year long journey will begin @ Atlan October 23rd.  Want more information about the yoga teacher training ~ Attend an Info session Saturday Sept 26th at 4:30 at Yoga Samadhi*Woodland Food Forest Workshop
Oct 10 and 11th
Hands-on Learning Sun. Oct. 11th. 11am- 4pm
Community Celebration, Sunday 5 pm

Cultivate a deeper understanding of the forest ecosystems in our Pacific forests and learn strategies for unlocking their abundance in this hands-on skills intensive.
Join us for the weekend-long workshop or just the hands-on learning and celebration on Sunday.
Contact for more info.

Atlan Village BuildingConvergence

*Atlan VBC Sept 25-28th

Join our 3rd Annual VBC event featuring a cob oven intensive building workshop with Bernhard Masterson in the Community Garden, Creation of a seven circuit Labyrinth in the forest and ReInhabiting the Village book/project release party!

Click here for details for volunteering and workshop attendance.
This multi-day, multi-activity event weaves experiential learning, evening entertainment and community celebration!

More Event Details Below and exact times & more confirming as the event approaches!

More info & Tickets:
Cob Oven Intensive – 9/26-9/28

6pm : Saturday – 9/26
Evening Program:

ReInhabiting the Village Launch Party
Join us for a presentation on this project that is a more than just a book ~ it’s a movement!
– Meet and greet several authors of the collaborative book through a panel discussion and an interactive workshop following by an evening celebration!

Sunday 9/27
Evening Program:

Natural Building Presentation with
Bernhard Masterson

Visioning and Celebration into the night and completion of the cob project and workshop on Monday!

*Community Drum Circle: Sunday Sept 27th at 4:30pm
It is a full moon, and our drum circle and music making is bringing together the willing playful community into tribal spirit.  Rob Roy will lead the circle on Sunday of the VBC weekend.  Contact Oma at if you are interested in joining.

~ How to Get Involved ~
Want to learn more about
What is “Atlan?”
Come spend time on the Land and
get to know the Community. This is a great season to plan a visit. Contact to be hosted for personal retreat or to learn about other ways to participate. *We also invite you to fill out our contact form on on our website if you’d like to share more about yourself and to sign up for our newsletter!
To Learn more about Atlan….Please visit our website:, including the FAQ section.
What is CultureSeed?

CultureSeed is a nonprofit learning network dedicated to creating and inspiring thriving global communities of interconnection. We create and support experiential learning programs and cultural events that will benefit and influence the communities that we live, work, and play in. CultureSeed’s home is at Atlan Ecovillage, however programs and events will take place all over the planet! Our vision is to sow seeds in present and future generations that empower people to live happy, meaningful lives to help our local and global communities thrive.

Programs, events, internships and artist in residence opportunities are on their way. Ideas for learning programs? Tell us about it here!

Visit for more details.

Peace Village
Rights of Passage Event
In early August, excitement abounded as the Peace Village youth arrived at the trailhead to Forest Camp. Eighteen energetic teens were all smiles as we formed a circle before entering the forested lands of Atlan for their Rights of Passage (ROP) experience. The teens at this event were Peace Village participants who are counselors and Jr. counselors that play a pivotal role in the success of the week-long day camp held in Mosier. The overnight ROP event offered them a break in their camp duties and a unique opportunity to come together with their peers for this experience.This ROP was specifically designed as an experiential growth opportunity to help these young people along their path to adulthood. Time at camp was spent playing games, creating art, discussing life at a deeper level, eating amazing food, sharing quality time building community amongst peers, dancing, celebrating, gaining tools for life success and of course some quiet time to reflect. Based on the feedback from the youth, it was a transformational experience that they will all remember and cherish for many years.

CultureSeed and the Atlan community are in deep gratitude for the opportunity to co-create this experience with Peace Village this year. There was no question that the young adults loved the land, the setting and the opportunity to be there. They brought their energy and spirit in a way that only teenagers can.

Several of the youth were back at Atlan this last weekend to give back to the land through a service learning project. We are already looking forward to the opportunity to partner again next year!

*Special thanks to Mike G for introducing Cultureseed to such an inspiring youth program

Community Happenings

Thank you to all who have been contributing time, energy and love to our emergence!

The Artists Journey Workshop taught by Visionary Artists David and Aloria, was a successful CultureSeed Program. Eleven people including 4 from Atlan Community, enjoyed art rich slideshows, presentations, and instruction that moved us through a personal journey, ending with creation of an oil painting that brought to life our personal mythos. Everyone in the Course, brought life experience in a variety of creative areas although not necessarily any oil painting experience.

The Collaboratory at the Artifactory is a beautiful space for community art-making. Look for an expanded version of this course next year as well as other exciting CultureSeed Art Programs and Events~!

Atlan Community Garden:
*Community Garden Hours:  Saturdays 9am. There will be a brief learning circle to start the morningThe garden area is expanding!  The deer fence now encompasses a larger area that will include an outdoor prep kitchen and cob oven covered by a timber frame structure (thanks Chris and all) and a teaching area.We had a very fun and productive garden pod this last Saturday.  Beds were prepared for planting.  We are now able to feed the beds our own rich worm compost. Omas taught us about organic soil amendments that balance the acidity of the kitchen compost. Crops planted for the Autumn: Mescaline salad, arugula, Chiooga Beets (Italian marbled beets), pole beans (Kentucky Blues), and carrots. Lots of beautiful produce is being harvested, eaten and preserved.A big Thank you also, to everyone in the pod. Not only for the tending and caring for our growing things, but for the tending and caring we have happening between us.  Our working together on Saturdays, and coming together for Pot Lucks on Sunday nights, our Willing Women meeting once a month, and the music and drumming circles are adding up to much more than just a knockout of a garden, and scrumptious meals.  Even more valuable . . . we have come to know, and love one another.

Drum Circle: 
Gratitude for our first drum circle in the G’mas new music studio. More music to come! We already have percussion, piano, mixer and mics set up. Anyone interested in participating, please send an email to Oma@ for info about the next gathering Sunday Sept 27th. This first one was epic!!!

The Kin of Atlan…is an invitation to be involved with us, this land, and this vision. It’s a very real opportunity to Learn and Live with Atlan. It’s happening. The kin are gathering. We want you to gather with us. Click here to Connect.
With much excitement and Love,
the Atlan Community