June 2015

The Land is In Full Bloom…
Atlan Center
*Upcoming Gatherings*

*Summer Solstice @ Atlan: Join us this upcoming weekend for a festivecelebration June 19-21st. More details below…..

*Partner River Flow: June 25th Rainah Dancing Waters & All Adventures Rafting present partner yoga and tandem kayaking on the Wild and Scenic Klickitat River. Merge to deepen your ability to connect and communicate.  Contactheather@alladventuresrafting.com

*9th Annual White Salmon River Fest:Weds July 15th.  River guides and local community members gather together to raft down the legendary rapids, compete in kayak competitions, learn about the river, eat, dance and celebrate. More info online!

*CultureSeed Work&Party Event: Saturday July 18th 10am-4pm. Join us for our monthly CultureSeed community building event.  More details to come including an evening dance.  These monthly experiences are a great time to come visit.

*Post-Beloved Gathering: Aug 14-16th. In the blissful days after Beloved Festivalwe will host a decompression gathering for our production crew and a conscious community gathering embodying the new paradigm and ReInhabiting The Village.

*Visionary Painting Workshop withDavid Heskin and Aloria Weaver: Sept 4-6th. Details to come.

*Atlan VBC (Village Building Convergence) Sept 25-27th :Join our annual VBC event featuring a cob oven building workshop with Bernhard Masterson in the Community Garden.

*Bali Temple Raising by the creek and  Forest Labyrinth Creation are both in store for the summer season. Dates to come (and may coincide with the VBC)

*Community Garden Hours: 
Saturdays ~9:30am-11:30 (we are shifting earlier as the days get hotter!)

Community Happenings

*Nepal EarthQuake Relief Event:

Many thanks to all the local businesses for the myriad of donations we received and to all of those who joined us to donate to this special fundraiser. Thank you to Special thanks to Norm for the inspiration and Nepal Slideshow and to the Cloud Base Foundation for matching funds. We gathered, and we danced!

*Advanced Permaculture Mapping:

This advanced focus course was an adventure of observation, theory, practice and design producing some great resources for the community to consider in relation to planning and development ~ stay tuned for more experiential learning opportunities! Special thanks to Dana Wilson for photos and video documentation and to Andrew Millison as lead teacher.

*VillageLab Consultation

We hosted two of our great community allies and friends Ferananda Ibarra and Jeff Clearwater, founders of VillageLab, for an illuminating consultation on community design.

*Trail and “Medicine Oak” work: With a mild winter and a very warm spring, the land is in bloom more than we’ve ever seen. The white daisies and pink sweet peas….along with the scotch broom and poison oak. We are expanding out trail network and working to maintain our existing trails and keep them hiker friendly.  Thank you to William and David for working with the “Medicine Oak’ and the tenacity and lessens the plant brings. When you join us, please read kiosk info and learn to identify the flora in this area (orange flags may help ID some areas where the poison oak is present.)

How to Get Involved at Atlan
Join us for Summer SolsticeCelebration
We gather to honor the longest day in the wheel of the year. Atlan Summer Solstice Weekend plans include camping in Forest Camp, with outdoor meals in the newly designed kitchen and eating area and yoga on the platforms. We will share potluck dinners and show a film Friday night at the Collaboratory.  Saturday, we will tend to the Garden in the morning, followed by a Garden Party Lunch, and then we willcelebrate the warmth and light at the Sky Temple for our ceremony in the late afternoon. This year on Sunday afternoon, Heather from All Adventures Rafting is offering the opportunity to float as a community down the lower White Salmon!
There is still space to sign- up for this epic 3 hour journey. RSVPs toconnect@atlancenter.org are appreciated.

Want to learn more about

“What is Atlan“? …
Come spend time on the Land and
get to know the Community.  This is a great season to plan a visit. You may contact connect@atlancenter.com to be hosted for personal retreat or to learn about other ways to participate.
You may also fill out our contact form on on our website if you’d like to share more about yourself
Join a Community “Pod”
We all participate in smaller focus groups in various interests.  A great way to learn more and dive in. These groups meet at varying times. Garden Pod, Geomancy Guild, Land & Forest Management, Building Pod, Council Pod….

Call to Collaborators
In the upcoming seasons, we have some opportunities for paid or work trade opportunities for skilled builders, foresters, and permaculture designers & landscapers
Tell us more about you here!

Culture Seed Learning Opportunities:
We see work and play as places for learning.  Programs, events, internships and artist in residence opportunities are on their way. Ideas for learning programs? Tell us about it here!

Contact connect@atlancenter.org about volunteer opportunities and event inquiries.
Thank you to all who have been contributing time, energy and love to our emergence!

To Learn more about Atlan….Please visit our website: atlancenter.com, including the FAQ section.  Still have a question for us…reach out.

Atlan Community Garden

The greens are glowin’, the beets are burstin’, the peas are poddin’ and the worms are workin’! Magical things are happening down at Sur Sarita in this warm and welcoming midsummer’s night dream.

We have an abundance of spring veggies that are ready to be a highlight in your nextsummer salad. Join the garden pod Saturday mornings to get your hands a little dirty, snack on some snap peas from the vine, and take home some vibrant beets or greens!

Many thanks to Jeremiah for growing our first round of summer starts and to RobRoy for transplanting them! These healthy babies set root in the hot house with 6 varieties of tomatoes, genovese basil, thai basil, bush beans, japanese eggplant, tomatillos, and 5 varieties of peppers. Some of these tasty varieties quickly fell victim to a wave of flea beetles and other pests. So we observed, gathered thoughts and prepared to fight back. Our “Oma” and “Opa”introduced beneficial nematodes to the soil, tpicked tiny slugs off of the fresh kale leaves, and hoisted up our new guardian garden hawk, ‘Hawkeye’. The final resort for the flea beetle was a few rounds of OMRI listed garden insect spray in the evening while the bees and other beneficials were away.

It was soon after all that, on a hot sunday morning that Oma, Marz, Bill, Melissa, and Paige all got together to till up a new garden bed for the scarlet runner beans and kentucky blues. After RobRoy and Eilidh finished up the drip irrigation systems for the new beds, it was time for the squash, zucchinis, melon and pole beans to go in the ground.

Today, we are very happy to say that everything is looking robust and happy. The plants are growing strong and fast, while the worms are loving their new bin. We have watched the top of the compost line quickly move down as they eat away and create a wonderfully rich soil amendment. Needless to say, we are looking forward to a diverse and tasty bounty this season!

The Kin of Atlan…is an invitation to be involved with us, this land, and this vision. It’s a very real opportunity to Learn and Live with Atlan. It’s happening. The kin are gathering. We want you to gather with us. Click here to Connect.
With much excitement and Love,
the Atlan Community