February 2015


Discover Atlan this Spring….
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Atlan Center

Upcoming Gatherings

* Geomancy Guild: Planning for the Medicine Wheel
Saturday Feb 14th 11am -2pm*Yoga Spirit teacher training: Kerala Ayurveda YogaSPIRIT 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification Training will take place at Altan beginning this Spring!  To learn about this comprehensive year long yoga immersion that leads to personal and professional development as a certified yoga teacher join us for 2 open houses:
White Salmon: Feb. 14 at 5pm at Yoga Samadhi. 
Portland: Feb. 15 at 10am at Ayurveda Plus. 
Contact Jo Matson atjoannematsonygoa@gmail.comfor more info or visit
www.yogaspiritstudios.com** Equinox Garden Gathering**March 21st-22ndCome join us and celebrate two days in the Garden 10am-4pm Sat andSunday.  We will be creating and planting a Medicine Wheel, planting and tending to the garden, greenhouse and Sursurita area. A nourishing lunch will be provided. Evening Sauna and Celebration.Please RSVP toconnect@atlancenter.org*Community Garden Hours: The winter garden is rebirthing.  Beginning in March, Saturdays10am-noon
(if this is your first visit, please let us know you are coming)
Contact connect@atlancenter.org

* Upcoming work parties: Beginning in April, we will be holding monthly work/learning events so we may all come together and get our hands dirty, have fun and learn more..
Stay tuned for dates!

..::What we’ve been up to::..

Garden Pod: Once we get a handle on the Voles, we are actually looking to this third year being a real turning point in the garden!  We have a nice amount of bokashi compost and will be constructing two worm bins to increase our compost capacity. A digital thermometer is now set up in the greenhouse, that will give us good reads of air and soil temperature.  Bales of Black Gold are stacked and ready for dressing the beds down for direct seeding once the soil temp rises.  Jeremiah and Oma are both starting seeds in their greenhouses as well.
Within this next year, we hope to have bokashi setups, compost teas, and perhaps worm compost to sell to neighbors, friends and anyone interested in boosting their garden. We also look to offer workshops on soil building.

Forest Management: December of 2014 marked the successful completion of our first of several forest management ladder fuel reduction cost-share projects.  We are learning a lot and continue to develop our forest management plan toward agroforestry systems and enhanced habitat for wildlife all the while re-integrating our human experience as forest dwellers and stewards. Stay tuned for more learning programs in Permaculture, Agroforestry, Natural Building & Regenerative Design!

Geomancy Guild: Since November, we have gathered for monthly meditations and explorations on the land. We are learning as individuals and as a group to better hear/see/feel/know the Spirit of Atlan and the spirits of the flora, and fauna and specific places on the Land. We intend to honor our direct connection with Nature by energizing and beautifying these magical places. In time, there may be a path created to link these sacred sites to enable people to journey between them with ease. Future projects will include building land altars, a walking labyrinth, raising of the Balinese Temple, completing the community kiosk, and creating a medicine wheel in the garden.

Ceramic Studio: A blog from La: Twenty five years ago was when I last touched clay and my life as a ceramic artist shifted into another lifetime as a restauranteur. Several months ago, with the arrival of a new wheel and kiln, I dove in once again, this time in the dreamy setting of our epic Artifactory. The elementality of ceramics is total and my senses have been thrilled to reengage. So far, I have been practicing with small cups and bowls that I plan to fire in March. Working at the Artifactory is a delight, as the warmth emanating from the floors makes it so inviting. Its a pleasure to participate in our new Maker Space alongside designers and builders. Please come visit* there will be opportunities for one-on-one classes in the future.

Celebrating the Seasons

Our Atlan tradition is to celebrate the solar cycles by gathering at the 4 Quarters…..Solstices and Equinoxes. We gather with kin to plant or harvest, and celebrate the rhythms of the seasons…

Winter Solstice 2014 was an especially wondrous time::: From morning yoga in the yurt, to afternoon Thai massage at the newly named Collaboratory, followed by evening hot tub and Oasis sauna and sound healing…. The weekend culminated in a ritual of profound letting go into the fire. As we focused our prayers, it rained torrentially outside and we were held by the darkness of the forest as we welcomed the Nourishing Light back in.

Soon it will be Spring Equinox and again our invitation is extended to our close kin to come celebrate the dawning springtime at Atlan. We have plans to install plants and prayers into our Medicine Wheel at the north end of the greenhouse…..blessing Earth, Water, Fire and Air on the land and across Gaia. Our 33′ diameter Medicine Wheel was originally created 3 years ago on Spring Equinox. Open Space for Community offerings means that maybe you will be bringing something special to share! There is a potential for some art making in the Artifactory as well as a Garden Party Meal ……save the weekend of March 21 & 22

::How to Get Involved at Atlan::
Come spend time on the Land and
get to know the Community.
If you’d like to plan a visit, you may contact connect@atlancenter.com to be hosted for personal retreat or to learn about other ways to participate.
Work opportunities may be available. Fill out our contact form linked below if you if you are interested!Join a Community “Pod”
We all participate in smaller focus groups in various interests.  A great way to learn more and dive in. These groups meet at varying times. Garden Pod, Geomancy Guild, Land & Forest Management, Building Pod, Council Pod….

Call to Collaborators
In the upcoming seasons, we have some opportunities for paid or work trade opportunities for skilled builders, foresters, and permaculture designers & landscapers
Tell us more about you here!

Culture Seed Learning Opportunities:
We see work and play as places for learning.  Programs, events, internships and artist in residence opportunities are on their way. Ideas for learning programs? Tell us about it here!

Contact connect@atlancenter.org about volunteer opportunities and event inquiries.
Thank you to all who have been contributing time, energy and love to our emergence!

To Learn more about Atlan….Please visit our website: atlancenter.com, including the FAQ section.  Still have a question for us…reach out.


The Kin of Atlan…is an invitation to be involved with us, this land, and this vision. It’s a very real opportunity to Learn and Live with Atlan. It’s happening. The kin are gathering. We want you to gather with us. Click here to Connect.
With much excitement and Love,
the Atlan Community


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