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Thanks Everyone for such a wonderful and fulfilling retreat! 

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..:: Communication in Motion ~ September 5-7th ::..

Thank you for your interest in our first Cocréa Retreat at Atlan!

Join us for a full weekend of immersive dance and self-exploration, with delicious catered meals, sauna, and the beautiful forest landscape of Atlan!

Over the past 3 years we have seen how powerful the work of Cocréa Fusion Partner Dance is in affecting people’s relationships to their bodies, their lives and to others they interact with. With this retreat at the nascent Atlan Eco Village, we take a big step forward in the application of partner dance as a holistic life skill.

More about Cocréa –

How frequently do you have communications in your daily life that leave you feeling unheard, lacking in understanding or with that hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach? We’ve been noticing lately that the theme of communication and authentic relating (or lack there of) has been coming up a LOT. As we’ve been working together and playing together, we’ve had to step up the ways in which we engage and continue to lean into the ideas in Cocréa over and over again. The results that come from engaging our centers, dropping into sincere and absolute presence with one another, and fully expressing from our connection to the moment never fail to prove the value of this work.

In partnering with Atlan and Culture Seed, our goal is to bridge the worlds of partner dance and non-verbal communication with those of intentional community and linguistic expression. Over the course of 2 days and 2 nights, we’ll congregate in the beautiful forest yurt to dance, converse and explore what it means to be in intimately connected communion through movement. Combing through our inner landscapes, we’ll use this time to shift stuck energy and unhealthy patterns through and out of the body. In building a village it is imperative that we understand how to honor each individual’s expression and contribution to the whole, and how we as individuals are showing up for a collective vision.

Participants will arrive, meet, greet and eat with one another, circle for an initial class on connection and join in an evening of dance.

Wake up in the beautiful forest for mediation and yoga beginning a day of classes designed to unify your body, mind and spirit and get you moving, listening and speaking in fresh, authentic ways. Meals will be taken together. After dinner we will dance and then the Oasis sauna will be open for sweating and singing together.

Weave concepts together on our final day and feel grounded in your connection to place, spirit and each other.


The course fee is inclusive of 3 soul-nourishing meals per day and 2 nights “glamping” in Atlan’s Forest Camp with the Oasis sauna and hot showers in the forest. More details on what to bring and what to expect in the confirmation email upon registration.

:: Contact keala@atlancenter.org with questions & for more info ::

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Cocrea Retreat at Atlan

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