Community Agreements

Our Living Agreements: We choose and re-choose to participate in the co-creative process and to be accountable to these evolving agreements.

Loving Kindness: I cultivate loving kindness and compassion in all my actions.

Honor One Another: I agree to honor each person’s process as representative of the whole, acknowledging that everyone is making the best possible choice we are capable of in any given moment.

Service: I offer whole-hearted service to the shared Vision and Mission of Atlan and the greater community.

Respect: I come from a place of cooperation and respect in my interactions with others, and see differences in opinion as co- opportunities for learning.

Realize Our Potential: I foster ongoing personal growth attuning to my highest potential and the expansion of human consciousness.

Presence: I aim to bring my full and authentic self to every community endeavor and to be fully present and heart-centered in all my interactions.

Ethical Foundation: I base my actions on an ethical foundation that values care for the Earth and care for All Beings, and to act in a way that fosters Abundance.

Integrity: I maintain personal integrity, embodying congruence of thought, word, and action.

Response-ability: I live in full response-ability for the spiritual, environmental and human effects of my thoughts, choices, activities, experiences, and relationships.

Mentoring: I cultivate mentoring relationships in the role of both giving and receiving.

Collaboration: I co-create an environment of genuine collaboration in which all people feel empowered to contribute their potential.

Honest Communication: I am open to receiving feedback from others, and I take initiative to give feedback, creating space for direct, timely, and honest communication.

Resolve Problems Creatively: I see challenges as opportunities for growth and resolve them creatively, requesting the support of others when needed.

Spiritual Practice: I celebrate both individual and collective spiritual practice.

Living Universe: I honor the organizing intelligence and synergy of our living universe.

Diversity: I honor diversity on all levels, stewarding cultural and bio- diversity at Atlan.

Lighten up: I bring lightness and joy to my work, relationships, and life – creating space for the celebration of art, music, dance and healing.